B-SAFE is the European Project focused on web security, personal data protection/GDPR following the Industry 4.0 training. The main intention of the project is to create online knowledge platform about web security and personal data protection/GDPR. This qualification will enhance training participants’ chances of employment by championing not only professional skills but also legal know-how for law-sensitive issues (e.g. data protection, writing contracts, INDUSTRY 4.0).
The four main outcomes that the partnership is going to produce in order to accomplish those objectives of the project are the following:

Output 1

Current Status of the web security and personal data protection

For the project success it is very important to get all available information which can be found, about actual situation of the web security and personal data protection in the partner countries and EU as a whole.

This intellectual output is a report including 5 areas, the content will be always prepare from all partner countries and EU as well, the areas are:
1) The current situation of the web security literacy on EU level
2) The current situation of the personal data protection literacy on national level
3) Impact of the INDUSTRY 4.0 on the internet and personal data protection
4) Implementation of the web security and personal data protection in educational systems
5) Results of the survey within the target group

Output 2

Legal aspects of Internet safety

In these days almost every information goes through the net, in these days almost every single act of regular person has some impact - imprint on the net (social media, e-mails, money transfer, cookies etc.). On the internet it´s pretty hard to oriented what and how big impact should be after just one "click" on something. The whole internet is like legal net with so many aspects, we can count also fake news, misinformation and novelties like radicalisation - all of it have some legal context and it´s very important to talk about it, but first of all to know about it.

Output 3

Development of the specialized texts

The goal is to create suitable and effective learning materials for the B-SAFE curriculum that are tailored to our target-group’s learning preferences. The learning materials will be based on the structure of the curriculum and will support learners’ in understanding the content and preparing for the evaluation of learning success. With the help of the developed learning materials participants of the training can repeat lessons, look up information and practice tasks.
The materials will be developed by educational specialists who have rich experience in creating learning materials for adult education. Thus, other educational organisations can use our outcomes for their own learning materials development also after the end of B-SAFE.

Output 4

Online knowledge platform

The online platform with learning materials, the outcomes from the 01 Current Status of the web security and personal data protection and O2 Legal aspects of Internet safety will serve as a digital open library for educating target group on the field of B-SAFE. With this feature we want to educate students and teachers as well.