Finalization of the project

The project was successfully finished in the end of January 2021. All project outputs you can find on the project websites and online learning platform The final press release is accessible here.

Pilot test

The online platfrom with all learning content is ready and we are looking for the participants for the pilot test. You can reach the learning content on websites: in all partner languages: German, Spanish, Portuguesse and Czech.

After study of learning content, please fill in the evaluation questionnaire in the following link

Train the trainer handout

During O3 development the train the trainer handout was developed. The teachers and trainers will find all didactic information how to use B-Safe online platform as a didactic tool for teaching.

You can find the document here.

Learning content ready!

All partners have prepared the learning content of 11 units. Finally we have 10 units with the innovative learning content focused on the internet safety and the last unit will evaluate your obtained knowledge. Every unit contents the learning texts, practical examples, summary, sources for next study and the final quiz.

Learning content development

Content development - The leading partner of O3 has realized the online meeting with the introduction of the templates for the learning content development. The online platform will consists of the following topics:

Press Release - Output 2

What is new in the B-SAFE project? What are the main conclusions of Output 2?

After finalization of the first and second output, focused on current situation of data protection and legal aspects of internet security, the project is at the beginning of the next phase - Output 3: Development of the specialized texts.

More information is available in this new Press Release.

3rd Transnational Project Meeting

Madrid, Spain

4. - 5.11. 2019

3rd transnational meeting for partners of the B-SAFE project which took place in Madrid at the premises of UDIMA. Representatives from the 4 organizations involved were present and they had the opportunity to discuss about the status of the project.


Final report of the Output 1

Definition hot topics of internet safety and country difference

The Output 1 of the B-SAFE project is completed. The Output 1 was focused on current situation of the web security and personal data protection at European and country level, the next point was implementation of web security in the different educational systems. The final result is definition of hot internet security issues and country differences.

All of the information is provided for the countries of the partners – Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain and Austria.

The report is available under open access here.

B-SAFE survey

The part of the Output 1 is the survey finding out the experience of the target group with internet safety. The online questionnaire is available in the following link.

The survey results will be included in the upcoming final report of the Output 1.

2nd Transnational Project Meeting

Braga, Portugal

8. - 9.5.2019

2nd transnational meeting of the B-SAFE project was realized in Braga, meeting was situated in the EDIT VALUE. We had the several presentation about actual progress, closing of the first output and work distribution as a start of the second output - a lot of work, but also more connections between the partners.


Kick-off Meeting

Prague, Czech Republic

12. - 13.11.2018

1st transnational meeting of the B-SAFE project was held in Prague, meeting was situated in the office of the coordinator - bit cz training. Introduction of the partners, set of presentations and list of tasks for all partners - meeting in a nutshell.


Start of the project!


If you want to know more about the B-SAFE project, go to About or Outcomes.